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March 14, 2012
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Cheetah (Speed Paint Link Added) by CarolineRaquel Cheetah (Speed Paint Link Added) by CarolineRaquel
Speed Paint: [link]

This was meant to be a rendering study, which, overall,I guess it looks nice. Just a random cheetah for you.
Critique much appreciated on this one. Specially on composition.

I need to challenge myself more and I can see I need help to improve.
I can see this looks bland and with no story. Because there isn't really. This started just a design doodle that I decided to paint to release stress.

Here are a few things I'd love if people could talk about, if possible, on how I can get:

- Depth of enviroment and still manage to focus on the animal.
- Make the composition more interesting.
- Better render definition. Maybe tips for making a better looking fur?
- Better lighting. Which is probably something I need to work a looot.

I won't fix it now, but I'll take the suggestions for future works!
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I really like the style you have given this guy, the expression is priceless. He looks quite un-interested, yet his apathy is still hinted with a bit of alertness.

Vision: The composition. It needs contrast, I feel that while it is a very stylized character, the colors need something to balance it. Maybe a darker shading in the background to bring it together. Possibly some more variance in the grass, even a tree to add more interest. That is just my personal preference, however. I also like shading with unique colors, maybe a cool purple/blue tint to the fur/grass will bring out more life.

Originality: Your style is quite unique, and the whiskers, to the ears and expression, and the pose itself is just lovely.

Technique: Cant critique much here, other than the fur seems to be a bit "pasted" onto the solid body. If you can understand what I mean, it just does not look like it flows together with the rest of the painting. In the future more of a polished look could be achieved with time spent on fur placement.

Impact: You're right, lighting could be a little more dramatic. I personally love vivid lighting and contrast, more shadows and highlights could be used in the grass as well as the cheetah.

Overall, really nice work. I always wished I could have such a unique cartoon like style as this! (:
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I think this design is fantastic! You are obviously skilled at the shading/coloring process and setting up a unique character design. It's clear as soon as you look at the piece- the semi-realistic rendering meshes perfectly with the playful stylization of the animal while still maintaining a tangible creature. I'm pretty impressed with the piece, honestly.

If you are looking for critique, I'd be glad to try and help. I think your color choices for the background are spot on- you've done a great job setting that up, though I think the character could be placed in a more expansive background if you are looking for a more realistic depth. I think expanding the visible ground from a sort of single point perspective view would help tremendously with the depth I think you are trying to achieve. Rather than placing a definite layering of the grass for the foreground only, extend the visual back past the figure and into the background. I would suggest raising the horizon up a bit to accomplish that kind of viewpoint. Not a ton, though! I love the amount of sky in the bg, it emphasizes the really lovely, long neck of the cheetah. Maybe fiddle around with the crop a bit- try taller, wider, etc and see how it changes the composition.
I like the interesting way you've set up the horizon in the background though. It's really inventive and suits the playful style of the image well.

I think that the way you've colored this piece is fantastic, honestly, though you say you want to improve upon it. I think that defining your light source a little better can help with that. There are very few areas that I notice the light source changing a bit, but that's not such a big deal. I would avoid blowing out that white on the fur on the neck, though. It's a bit distracting, and light would not hit so sharply in that area only. If you are going to have a harsh bright light, carry it along the whole piece. The light appears softer on the face (where the facial structure is defined and there are definite shaded areas but it is not a harsh shadow), and so I would probably keep that mellow coloration throughout the figure. There are some really saturated bits along the base of the neck and shoulder which kind of suggests the cheetah is sitting in a setting with really bright reds & oranges, like a sunset, but the rest of the figure and the sky does not depict that. It's a bit like the bottom half of the picture is trapped in a sunset and the top half is in midday, out of the direct sun. Just a tiny inconsistency, but still only noticeable if I'm really looking for it.

The colors themselves are absolutely gorgeous though, I really do love the piece. I think it's really lively, interesting, and a bit sassy, even if it's just a doodle it has a lot of personality. Well done, really, especially for a practice piece, haha. Sorry to be wordy, I don't mean to be picky! I guess I just wanted to look at the things you mentioned in your artists comment, and I'm not so good with being concise, haha.
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reminds me of coraline style...very nice :)
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I love what you did with the grass.
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This is really cool! I love how curvy it is!
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